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The World-Famous Cave Paintings

The oldest cave painting recorded in Baja California is dated 7400 years before present. More than 200 painted caves have been found throughout the peninsula. Experts believe that there are yet several caves to be discovered.

Are you ready for an expedition full of art?

Kuyimá offers you the opportunity to admire the majestic beauty of the natural landscapes of the San Francisco mountain range, and to enjoy one of its most valued treasures: the monumental cave paintings that are found in the depths of its canyons.

Explore and discover the secrets and feel the mystery that these impressive mountains guard jealously, in a unique setting where you will also be able to appreciate the amazing lifestyle of the Sudcalifornian ranchers.

Kuyimá offers two types of excursions:

  • Daytrips to caves Level I, with minimal difficulty for all ages and physical conditions.

  • Expeditions of 3 or more days, visiting caves levels I–III, for adventurous travelers with good to extraordinaire physical condition. 

All our rock-art excursions can be customized so you can combine them with whale watching or any other Kuyimadventure and get the most complete
feeling of Baja California, the last frontier.