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Kuyimá and Ecotourism


In Kuyimá, we are proud to practice ecotourism in as beautiful and unique a place as the San Ignacio area. In line with the objectives of ecotourism, our main concern is not making profits but conserving the environment and helping build sustainable development in our community.

As such, our work does not consist solely in attracting tourists to our region, but in teaching people from all parts of the world about the importance of our natural surroundings and how to better care for them. In addition, our cabins and camping areas offer rustic (yet comfortable) lodging built with regional materials, and we heat water with a simple solar technique to further our conservation efforts.


  • Likewise, Kuyimá's Eco-Lodge and camping facilities in San Ignacio Lagoon have been certified as low environmental impact accommodation.


  • After a careful assessment process, from 2007 Kuyimá's whale watching and cave painting tours have been granted environmental certification by Green Globe 21.


We work as members of the community teaching kids, participating in local cooperatives, and organizing educational events. We encourage you to learn more about what ecotourism is and the work that we do in our community. We also have a list of articles about our efforts should you want to read more.

Thanks for your interest and concern in preserving the environment!

The ecosystems in our area are both varied and dramatic...from the desert to the mountains to the marshes.



Although much of the land is arid, animals like this pronghorn antelope survive here.