Cave Art

Sierra de San Francisco Baja California Sur, México
Embark with us on an exciting adventure through the enigmatic Sierra de San Francisco. Enjoy the millenary art left by the ancient inhabitants of this beautiful region.
People observing cave paintings
The cave paintings of the Sierra de San Francisco is considered one of the largest ancient cultural manifestations in the world.
cave art of the Sierra de San Francisco
people riding over hills and canyons
Join us in this adventure riding through hills and canyons exploring the art printed in stone by our ancestors.

Join us and discover the magic of exploring Baja California Sur

Cueva El Ratón

4 to 10 persons

Cueva El Palmarito

4 to 10 persons

Cañon de Santa Teresa.

4 to 10 persons

Arroyo El Parral.

4 to 10 persons

Circuito San Gregorio - Santa Teresa.

4 to 10 persons
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