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This LEGAL NOTICE regulates the rights and obligations of Kuyima.com and of the users, in relation to the access, navigation and use of this website, without prejudice to the fact that kuyima.com reserves the right to modify, without previous notice, its contents, being valid the ones published at the moment of navigation.

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kuyima.com may terminate, suspend or interrupt, at any time without prior notice, access to the contents of the page, without the possibility for the user to demand any compensation. However, in the event that the platform is closed, any payments made for incomplete annual subscriptions will be refunded.

+Personal and fiscal information of the person in charge of the web

This website, kuyima.com, belongs to Ecoturismo Kuyima S.P.R. de R.L.

Fiscal address of the person in charge of the web: Calle Morelos # 2 Oriente, Colonia Centro, Ciudad San Ignacio, municipio o delegación Mulege, c.p. 23930, in the state of Baja California Sur, country Mexico

Contact: info@kuyima.com Phone: +526151540070

-Form of entry

At kuyima.com you can contract certain services or initiate a commercial agreement via email.

-characteristics of the goods and services

Tourist services.

The tourist services offered by kuyima.com through the url http://www.kuyima.com/whale/ and http://www.kuyima.com/rock/

What are the services? The services will consist of:

An e-mail with a request for quotation based on the service selected on the web.
An answer with the quotation already made based on the different aspects of the requested services included:
Price of the services
Date and time of check in.
Date and time of check out.
Details of services purchased
Release form.

Other services

Through the reservation and contact form of kuyima.com you can start a commercial conversation that ends in the formalization of a contract.

These contracts are tailor-made according to the needs and will consist of an extra document accepted by the parties.


Tourist services
The net price of the tourist services is a variable value depending on the number of people who contract the service. This variable value is available at http://www.kuyima.com/whale/ and http://www.kuyima.com/rock/

This price includes the VAT withholding applicable to the country of the contracting user and all bank or payment gateway fees used.

Other services
The price will be agreed in each particular case, and formalized through a contract.


Tourist services
The purchase of the tourist services can be cancelled and the money returned within a maximum period of 14 days, provided that, at the time of application of this right, the service has not yet been delivered.

In the case of the right to return, the contracting user must pay the bank commissions or the payment platforms for the return transaction.

The cost of return is limited to the bank fees because it is not a physical product.

In case of return, the money will be refunded by the same means used in the contracting process,.

Loss of withdrawal: After kuyima.com has sent the e-mail with the service provided, and as this is a non-returnable computerized information property, the amount paid cannot be refunded.

Other services
Return and withdrawal clauses will be agreed in each particular case, and formalized through a contract.

Return request
An email should be sent to info@kuyima.com indicating:

Name, e-mail and website for which the return is requested.

-Procedures for payment

At kuyima.com you can pay by credit card and PayPal.

Credit or debit card
For payment by credit or debit card, kuyima.com uses the online payment gateway Stripe, whose company name is Stripe, Inc. and its details can be found at: https://stripe.com/es.

Amex, Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

Bank fees for the gateway are included in the price, any extra charges are not the responsibility of davidcuesta.es.

For payments through PayPal are governed by the company PayPal (Mexico) S.A.R.L. & Cie, S.C.A. which in turn is part of PayPal Inc. and is located in California, USA.

The bank fees of the gateway are included in the price, any extra charge will not be responsibility of kuyima.com

-Service delivery procedure

Tourist services
Tourist services will be delivered to the physical locations mentioned in the url http://www.kuyima.com/whale/ and http://www.kuyima.com/rock/

They will be delivered to the pazos contracted by the different services of kuyima.com.

Occasionally, emails may end up in secondary or spam mailboxes. In case of doubt, the service will be considered sent when it is demonstrated through the electronic sending support made by kuyima.com

Other services
The delivery procedure will be agreed in each particular case, and formalized through a contract.

-Language(s) in which the contract is concluded

All commercial communication with davidcuesta.es, in order to be considered valid, must be made in neutral Spanish. Any ambiguity due to differences in vocabulary in different geographical areas must be clarified.

-technical assistance, after-sales and warranty

Tourist services
Tourist services do not include any after-sales service or warranty.

Other services
The inclusion of any of these services will be agreed in each particular case, and formalized through a contract.

-Length of contract

Tourist services
The contract for tourist services lasts from the payment of the service until it has been delivered.

Other services
The duration of the contract will be agreed in each particular case, and formalized through a contract.

-Digital content functionality.

Tourist services
The information delivered is in digital format via email, easily accessible for analysis in different software.

Other services
It will vary according to the agreement and will be studied in each particular case, and formalized through a contract.

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